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Administrator job in The Emirates Group (Dubai) Roznama Pakistan

In the premises of Dubai’s business sector, the responsibilities of an administrator job in The Emirates Group (Dubai) hold dominant importance. To grab the best talent for this opportunity, it’s essential to mention job requirements that not only reflect the demands of the job but also induce potential applicants.

Administrator job in The Emirates Group (Dubai) Roznama Pakistan
Administrator job in The Emirates Group (Dubai)

Key Qualifications for the Administrator Role

To ensure efficiency and effectiveness, a contender for the administrator post should possess the following qualifications:

  • A bachelor’s degree in business administration, management, or a related field is preferred.
  • A minimum of 1+ years of administrative experience, specifically in a fast-paced office environment, is required.
  • Brilliant verbal and written communication skills in English. Understanding Arabic is a plus point.
  • Robust organizational skills to manage tasks, schedules, and resources competently.
  • Expertise in dealing with office software, including MS Office Suite, and innovative knowledge of spreadsheet applications.

Job Responsibilities for Administrator

To evaluate and deliver comprehensive administration support required for coordinating department section functions and ensuring the smooth operations of the sector. The main aim of this post typically focuses on updating and maintaining administration databases and/or systems. Maintain contact with other departments and ensure the smooth functioning of all correspondence. Deliver a robust use of technology and prompt responses as per modes used like telephone, email, fax, or social media. Compete all quality levels by following all the policies.

Responsible to tackle all the situations and be in close liaison with all subordinates to handle all the situations.  Take all matters under the standards and policies of the company. Event management and all the arrangements around it should be keenly observed. Maintain a proper record of each and every activity. Deal with all queries round the clock and take feedback as a token of proof to maintain prestige. Make a proper record of all the utilized equipment and conduct a proper audit for cross-checking. Provide inclusive care in maintaining, issuing, and tracking supplies, basic fixtures, fittings, and facilities utilization to certify safe operation where appropriate.

Other activities for the Administrator may include:

Arrange briefings and necessary training for new arrivals. Ensure their comfort zone, and provide all compulsory material for the appropriate running of all correspondence as per their job description. To increase efficiency in progress review meetings, and deliver suggestions. Conduct the progress review meetings.  Compile quarterly analysis reports and peruse them at the appropriate level. Promptly share any changes in procedures among the staff and assemble the execution.

 Salary & Benefits:

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