The 13 main foreign trade trends for 2023

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The 13 main foreign trade trends for 2023

Predicting the future of logistics is not an easy task. More than that, you can say that it is practically impossible. But, fortunately, you can get an idea of ​​what could happen from current data, news, and studies. In this context, discover the main trends in foreign trade for 2023!

1 – Digitization

If there is one major lesson learned from the last few years of the pandemic for the sector, it is the need for digitalization, which should continue to happen from now on. It is an important point to increase the efficiency of logistics processes, which must be digital.

It should be noted that more and more people in leadership positions are looking for digital experiences, which makes this subject increasingly important for those who want to remain competitive in the international market.

2 – Automation

New technologies and more modern machines continue the work that was started during the Industrial Revolution, of replacing people in repetitive work on production lines. For this, the implementation of automation in the industry becomes a solution.

Among the benefits of automation in Comex (Foreign Trade) are increased process efficiency and precision, as well as reduced costs and optimization of time and space. Which is part of the Logistics 4.0 concept.

3 – Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a global issue for all industries, not just foreign trade. However, there is great concern about data involving international logistics, which involves financial and confidential data.

This means that all companies must have strategic investments in relation to this topic, evaluating the risks and protecting themselves from possible cyber attacks.

4 – Marketing

Another lesson from the pandemic for Comex was about the use of digital marketing. Thus, recent months have seen several investments in this type of strategy. Therefore, the tendency is for this to happen more and more, through social networks.

The movement allows leaders and managers of large companies to be true digital influencers by creating relevant content. Thus, the public goes after these publications, which is part of inbound marketing or attraction marketing.


5 – Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the integration of electronic products that can be used through an Internet connection. Drones, which we will mention below, are examples of this. In the industrial environment, it is being used to control machines.

This allows processes to be monitored in real time, facilitating control of all stages and simplifying the identification of the status of each stage during transport. It’s like DC Logistics Brasil’s Follow-up service, provided by DC Cloud.

6 – Drones

This is a trend that gained attention throughout 2022, especially with the creation of alternatives for delivering medicines and other products to more distant areas. Drones are being used to make deliveries and becoming a logistics solution.

What is known is that projects aimed at this objective are still in embryonic stages, to the point that technologies are being perfected and following size and weight restrictions from international bodies. Soon, they will happen safely.

7 – Blockchain

In Brazil, bConnect, from Serpro (Federal Data Processing Service), was created to allow the exchange of information from Authorized Economic Operators (OAS). And there is a plan to develop technology for international trade with customs sharing.

With this, the Federal Government wants to promote the exchange of information between all countries in a safe and fast way. Therefore, initially, this should be possible with Brazil’s partner countries, such as Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay.

8 – Smart Contracts

In international publications, smart contracts are smart contracts. In practice, we have computerized transaction protocols with the ability to execute payment processes automatically, making the document more practical and secure.

9 – E-commerce

Just as digital marketing is one of the trends in foreign trade, e-commerce also appears on the list of innovations for 2023. Evolution indicates that international sales and purchase operations will become increasingly common.

For those who work in this sector, here is an important study tip, which has to do with new consumer behavior and a great opportunity to become even more competitive.

10 – Green Logistics

The expression is associated with sustainability and the preservation of biodiversity. Therefore, it is one of the foreign trade trends for next year. The objective is to redefine logistical processes so that the industry minimizes impacts on the environment.

Thus, it becomes possible to use technology to optimize all areas of logistics in favor of a more ecological future, allowing for smarter storage and transport that is more beneficial to the environment.

11 – Electric Ship

Yes, electric ship. This topic was talked about a lot in 2022 and should continue to trend on logistics Twitter in 2023. After all, technology allows for fully sustainable and, more than that, economical vessels.

The first electric ship already exists and has self-steering too. It is owned by fertilizer maker Yara and has sailed off the south coast of Norway this year. It minimizes the sending of 1,000 tons of carbon per year and is autonomous.

12 – Climate Change

The environment also acts on this front, climate change. Even though many managers overlook this issue, be aware that it is increasingly becoming a challenge for international logistics, while more than 70% of weather events have become more likely with these changes in the climate.

It is clear that companies cannot control the weather or the events linked to it. However, it is possible to prevent situations and find intelligent solutions to the matter. For example, through international cargo insurance.

13 – Events

And it’s not just technology that makes a list of trends on Comex. Attention to world events needs to be redoubled because they directly impact international logistics, as is the example of the relationship between the United States and China.

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