The IT trends that will transform software development

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The IT trends that will transform software development

That’s what we’ll talk about in this article: you’ll see which IT trends are transforming software development and how they can optimize your company’s results and performance. Follow along!

Below we list the seven main technological trends that, according to experts and specialized publications, should transform the way companies develop and use software to gain competitiveness and improve their internal processes. Look:

1. Cloud computing

According to IDC, Brazil should end 2015 with 5% growth in the IT market, despite the economic crisis it has been facing. The adoption of cloud computing is the driving force behind this growth, generating around US$117 million.

What makes cloud computing so powerful is the ability to easily expand capabilities for any application without purchasing more hardware. Need more capacity? Your cloud provider can offer more in an instant.

For the software development area, this capacity expansion is fundamental, as is the possibility of purchasing development and testing platforms as a service and no longer under the license model, which reduces costs, as the company only pays for the that you use.


2. The virtualization of everything

Virtualization transforms a heterogeneous set of servers into a single pool of computing resources that can be adjusted according to business needs. Server virtualization has been so successful that IT departments are beginning to virtualize everything else in the data center. Including networking, security, and storage.

For software development, virtualization, in addition to reducing costs and ensuring availability. Also facilitates teamwork, as it is no longer necessary to be in the office to access and operate development and testing tools. In addition to all this, there is of course also a significant increase in archiving and backup capabilities, which are considerably upgraded.

3. Mobility

The widespread adoption of mobile devices has made business workflows more efficient. In the area of ​​software development. Mobility has made processes more collaborative and improved productivity with automation and intelligence, through any device. At any time and place where there is internet connectivity, it is possible to develop and test solutions.

All this without mentioning that it is no longer possible to think about developing software without it being optimized to run on different devices. More and more systems need to be full web.

4. Big Data

The concept of Big Data is the management of thousands of structured and unstructured data produced by the company and collected from the market. Is also revolutionizing software development.

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