Work visa in Japan: everything you need to know

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Work visa in Japan: everything you need to know

Having a work visa in Japan is necessary for foreigners who intend to live and take advantage of the country’s opportunities. Although the process is easier for those of Japanese descent, any Brazilian can request the document.

In this article, understand who is entitled to a work visa in Japan, what types of visas are available, their costs, and the necessary documents.

Work visa in Japan: who is entitled?

In Japan, there is no legal impediment for Brazilian residents to apply for a work visa. Therefore, everyone is eligible to make the request.

Although it is not a prerequisite, the process is simpler for those who have Japanese descent up to the third generation. In this case, the Japanese language is not a requirement for those working in factories, while non-descendant Brazilians must prove proficiency in the language at level N2 or N3 if they work in sectors where communication is necessary.¹

In addition to an employment contract, there is another determining condition for obtaining a visa: not having any criminal record, both in Brazil and Japan.¹

What types of work visas are available for Brazilians in Japan?

Japan has different types of work visas, which vary according to the role performed. For example, there are specific visas for professionals such as artists, teachers, journalists, and researchers.²

There are also skill-based visas, which include:

  • Visa for highly qualified workers: intended for workers with a certain level of educational training, work history, and annual income;
  • Startup visa: allows 6-month stays for entrepreneurs supported by Japanese municipalities;
  • Diplomatic visa: intended for diplomatic agents;
  • Official visa: intended for administrative and technical staff of diplomatic missions and members of service staff.

Work visa fees in Japan

Payment of the visa issuance fee must be made at the time of collection. These values ​​vary each year and can be consulted on the Japanese Consulate website.

See the values ​​for applying for visas according to the type and number of entries³:

  • Visa name                                        Value
  • View from an entrance                 BRL 111
  • Multiple entry visa                        BRL 222
  • Transit visa                                     BRL 26
  • Re-entry Permit Extension          BRL 111

How to apply for a work visa in Japan: required documents

To apply for a work visa in Japan, you must present the following documents:


Visa application form ;

Photograph 3.5 x 4.5cm (clear, recent, and with a white background);

RG or RNE Identity Card (original and simple copy);

Certificate of eligibility (original or copy).

It certifies that the foreigner has a legitimate professional activity by the Immigration Control Law.⁴

In the case of a visa for highly qualified professionals. It is necessary to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility with notes proving the nature of the activity. It must be issued by a regional immigration office in Japan.

Family members and domestic employees of highly qualified foreign professionals also need to present a Certificate of Eligibility to apply for the visa.⁴

Is it possible to work in Japan without a visa?

No. To work in Japan, you must have an employment contract with a Japanese company, apply, and qualify to receive the country’s work visa.

You will also need to have good conduct before the law and prove proficiency in the Japanese language. Depending on the sector in which you work.¹

In the case of short-term trips. Brazilian citizens do not need to present a visa if they are staying in the country for up to 90 days. The modality also includes tourist tours, visits to family, transit, participation in lectures, meetings, and other similar activities, but it does not allow visitors to work in Japan ⁵.

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