Aquarium Water Maintenance

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Aquarium Water Maintenance

Aquarium Water Maintenance

Water is the most important and basic element to maintaining a healthy aquarium. Many factors can affect the quality of water that people will use in aquariums. Chlorine and Chloramine are added to water to eliminate harmful bacteria in drinking water for human consumption. But they are very toxic to fish, beneficial bacteria, and plants. When installing your aquarium or any partial water change, always use Nutrafin Aqua Plus to make tap water safe. Nutrafin Aqua Plus also contains Pure Herbal Extracts. A US-patented formula that reduces stress on fish when they are handled. Transported or introduced into new Aquarium Water Maintenance.

In specific areas of the country where the water has chloramine. Always use a highly concentrated chloramine neutralizer such as Nutrafin ChlorXChange, as well as filtration media that eliminate ammonia. Nutrafin ChlorXChange is also recommended for preparing marine aquarium water. Nutrafin ChlorXChange chelates metal ions present in tap water, making them available for consumption by plants.

Tap water originating from dams can be full of other potentially undesirable elements. Such as phosphates, nitrates, extremely high levels of metals (e.g. iron), and numerous inorganic and organic components. The use of Nutrafin Aqua Plus is mandatory and it may even be necessary to consider using special filters on the tap. The use of copper pipes in plumbing can be potentially lethal, especially in soft water. It would be advisable to use double doses of Nutrafin Aqua Plus and to use generous amounts of charcoal to remove copper. In marine aquariums with invertebrates, this is a situation that needs careful attention.

Water Hardness and pH

Water hardness and pH are two basic parameters. That is easily measured with test kits and is important for creating an optimal aquarium environment. Experts suggest that people check the tap water at least every three months to notice any variation and make the corresponding adjustments using products such as Nutrafin pH Adjust and Nutrafin pH Stabilizer. Water sources may need the use of some filtration media to help achieve favorable conditions for plants and fish. Experts recommend using peat as a filter material when dealing with softwater fish species in alkaline hard water regions.

Test the water

It is important to regularly monitor the water quality in your aquarium. Test equipment (test kits) allows the analysis of the water and determines the appropriate corrective measure. They provide the necessary information to adjust characteristics such as pH, carbonate hardness (KH), iron (Fe), and general hardness (GH). Which are important for each particular aquarium. With regard to its function in the blood system of aquatic organisms. Regular checking of pH is crucial to maintain the appropriate aquatic environment for different types of fish and plants. Therefore, it is one of the most important chemical parameters that people must check regularly. There is a variety of Nutrafin pH Test Kits for this purpose.

The color, behavior, and reproduction of fish are affected by pH. As it is a vital element in controlling aquarium conditions. Weekly tests of ammonia levels will indicate whether the level of biological filtration activity is sufficient or whether these levels are reaching a dangerous point. Nutrafin provides different equipment for testing and measuring ammonia in aquariums.

People should test nitrite weekly because it is a toxic nitrogen component that can potentially be lethal to fish. The Nutrafin Nitrite Test Kit accurately measures nitrite for aquariums.

Regular testing of carbonate hardness (KH) levels is necessary as they fluctuate over time and can negatively impact the pH balance of the aquarium.

Lowering the carbonate hardness will result in poor plant growth. People should also conduct a general hardness (GH) test to determine if the calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) levels are optimal for the specified fish species. Use Nutrafin Carbonate Test Kit and Nutrafin General Test Kit to perform both tests.

Plant Aquariums

Iron levels must be carefully monitored to maintain lush plant aquariums. People should conduct an Aquarium Water Maintenance test to keep the iron level in the range of 0.25 to 0.5 mg/lt. Nutrafin offers a variety of products, such as Nutrafin Plant Gro Iron Enriched, to help maintain the appropriate iron levels in aquarium water.

Nutrafin Plant Gro NPK, Nutrafin Plant Gro Aquatic Plant Fertilizer Sticks, and Nutrafin Natural CO2 System provide the necessary elements for your aquarium plants.

Phosphate levels should be checked regularly as an indicator of aquarium pollution. As this is often the result of overfeeding or forgetting to change the water. This can contribute to cloudy conditions in the water. Phosphate levels should generally never exceed 1mg/lt. The Nutrafin Phosphate Test Kit allows you to easily monitor phosphate levels in your aquarium.


Nitrate should also be checked regularly as a measure of pollution. In the aquarium and indicates whether a water change is necessary. The Nutrafin Nitrate Test Kit is ideal for this. Nitrates build up in aquariums over a period of time and are difficult to remove by conventional filtration. Regular use of Nutrafin Waste Control, Nutrafin Cycle, and Lab-Series. Nitrate Remover combined with regular water changes and waste disposal represents the best preventative measures against nitrate build-up.

Marine reef aquariums

Marine reef aquariums, especially those with stony corals and strong coralline algal growths. Absorb calcium and carbonates at a rapid rate. Often requiring daily testing to ensure calcium levels are optimal for the aquarium inhabitants. The Nutrafin Calcium and Nutrafin KH/GH Test Kits allow you to monitor your aquarium’s calcium levels.

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