Discover the 8 main technological innovations for the industry

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Discover the 8 main technological innovations for the industry

8 technological innovations in the industry. In this post, we will highlight 8 tools aimed at innovation in the industrial sector to help outperform the competition. Check out!

1. Internet of Things (IoT)

One of the main technological innovations adopted by the industry is the Internet of Things. It can be used in different activities in a factory, such as logistical transport. In this case, IoT is used to monitor traffic and manage the fleet more efficiently. Furthermore, it optimizes the collection of goods through sensors that show the location of the sought-after items.

Another application of this resource is in inventory, enabling the management of energy costs for lighting or air conditioning using thermostats compatible with IoT. Thus, it is feasible to prevent waste with light bulbs on and machines turned on unnecessarily.

The Internet of Things also helps with automatic stock replenishment due to sensors inserted in shelves and racks that indicate the location of products and the lack of them or inputs to manufacture goods. Once the warning is issued, equipment is activated to replace the items, or the purchasing team is called to acquire the missing raw materials.

Sensors are also necessary to report merchandise that is out of stock very little, which helps to determine which items are most sold and which are least in demand. This way, the industry is better able to manage inventory strategically.

2. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is characterized by enabling remote access to systems and documents (images, videos, audio, etc.) through a virtual computer network. Instead of storing a large amount of data internally, companies hire providers to perform this task.

This measure saves financial resources because contractors no longer invest in servers to store data. Furthermore, it provides an increase in the level of information security, because providers, in most cases, adopt the best procedures to protect customer data.

Another advantage of this feature is that it gives employees greater mobility, as they can access corporate data anywhere with internet access. In meetings with business partners, it is positive to have information available in a simple and quick way.

3. Artificial Intelligence

This is one of the technological innovations most used by the industry today. One of the reasons is to ensure that production has a lower cost, making the company more competitive. Artificial intelligence can be applied, for example, to optimize stock replenishment.

Based on sales and inventory data, the technology suggests the ideal quantity of products that need to be replenished at retailers and distributors, with a high level of accuracy and assertiveness.

4. Robotization

It is another technological innovation that offers countless benefits to the industrial sector. It allows the robot to perform various actions, such as manufacturing, cleaning, and maintenance. Industrial robots typically perform repetitive activities that require a high level of precision.

Today, it is simpler to have this technological resource in a factory. Some companies are renting robots for a fixed price per month. This way, they can check whether the technology provides good results without making a large investment.

5. Autonomous Equipment

One of the great technological innovations of 2019 is autonomous equipment. Drones, robots, and vehicles rely on artificial intelligence to automate tasks without human presence. Depending on the technology applied, this equipment can interact with the environment, people, and objects in a very natural way.

In an industry, for example, they can be called automatically to find supplies requested by the assembly line. A system identifies the ideal moment to carry out an activity in the chain and begins, on its own, a production phase.

6. Blockchain

Data security is one of the biggest concerns for companies. Therefore, blockchain has been increasingly adopted in the corporate world. It consists of an information base that maintains a permanent record of operations, without any violations.

This feature shares databases publicly and universally. Blockchain has been widely used for trading cryptocurrencies. This happens because this technology eliminates the presence of central authorities to mediate transactions, which provides more trust, reduced expenses, and transparency in actions.

7. Business Intelligence

It is responsible for collecting, integrating, analyzing, and presenting corporate data. Also known as BI, it searches raw information from various sources to later integrate it. In other words, this technology brings together data about a company and makes it available in a single location.

It is a tool widely used by large companies because it allows leaders to help with decision-making. By checking market trends and the company’s situation, managers are more likely to make the best choices for the business to achieve great performance.

8. Augmented Analytics

It makes it possible to change the way a large amount of data is analyzed, consumed, and shared. It adopts machine learning and text generation to process information in an automated manner, helping it to be analyzed more consistently, which facilitates insights.

Augmented analysis is very valuable in the current context because the amount of information grows every day. This scenario means that employees and managers need up-to-date and important data to make decisions that favor the sustainable growth of a company.

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