Do you know how rabbits reproduce?

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Rabbit reproduction: what you need to know when adopting one

Do you know how rabbits reproduce? If you intend to adopt a long-eared dog and keep him as a companion for approximately ten years, this is important information too. This way, in addition to getting to know the species better, you can guarantee better well-being for it — and for potential puppies.

gray rabbit

To help you, Petz’s blog prepared exclusive content on the topic. So, let’s better understand how rabbits reproduce and why it is important for owners to know this information. Continue reading!

Big family

Have you ever heard the expression “breed like a rabbit”? Generally, it is aimed at those who have a large number of children. But is this reputation about rabbits true? If so, why does the species have this high reproduction capacity?

Big ears actually multiply quite easily, and this is related to their sexual maturity, which begins at four months of age for the female and at five months for the male.

Rabbits reproduce faster than most mammals too: a rabbit’s gestation lasts, on average, 30 days (to get a better idea of ​​the period, a dog’s gestation lasts between 58 and 68 days, and that of an elephant, more than 600 days!). The litter has approximately six or eight bunnies.

Only with these data is it possible to conclude that rabbit reproduction is not that numerous. After all, some large dog breeds can produce litters of up to twelve puppies, which doesn’t mean they’re known as “populous”, right?

However, rabbits are the most populous families not because of the number of puppies per litter, but because of the number of times that the long-eared can become pregnant over the course of a year.

Copulation, fertile period, and fertilization

We already know that the rabbit’s pregnancy lasts less than that of other mammals and that the sexual maturity of the species is precocious. With this information alone, it becomes a little clearer to understand the reputation of big ears for being very prolific.

One of the curiosities about rabbits is related precisely to their reproduction: it can be said that the female remains fertile throughout the year. She has induced ovulation, that is, her ovulation happens during mating.

Rabbit reproduction happens literally at any time: the female can be fertilized right after giving birth to her litter. Without any inhibition caused by breastfeeding. Males also spend the entire year sexually active.

rabbit near the grass

Practical and theoretical reproductive capacity

However, a point of attention: rabbit mating can happen frequently. But the end does not always result in puppies, in fact. Unfortunately, the mortality rate of a litter of rabbits is high, and not every mating guarantees fertilization.

In their natural habitat, there may also be obstacles to rabbit reproduction, such as predators. In captivity, there are factors that stress the animal. Therefore, it is important to be aware that theoretical reproductive capacity is different from practical reproductive capacity.

Need for litter control

Knowing more about rabbit reproduction, it is important to be aware of controlling the animal’s litter, especially if it is kept as a pet. After all, as cute as he is, it’s complicated to have dozens of bunnies around the house, isn’t it?

Therefore, if you have a couple of rabbits at home. You need to be careful not to be surprised by several pregnancies throughout the year. To do this, it is worth talking to a veterinarian about the best ways to raise pets together, but with the necessary care to avoid excessive pregnancies. One option is sterilization.

Sterilization is important for the rabbit’s health

When the rabbit is not sterilized, it may exhibit more aggressive behavior. Which is natural during its reproductive period: males begin to demarcate territory with urine, become restless and may bite and destroy some objects. Females can show very similar signs.

In addition to helping to keep the animal calmer. It is worth noting that females have a high probability of having uterine tumors. To find out the best time to neuter your pet and ensure their health and quality of life, it is best to consult a veterinarian, after all, each rabbit has its own particularities.

In general, males are usually ready for sterilization at around five months, and females at six months.

Rabbit farming

If you breed long-eared animals ( cuniculture ). You need to find out about the best conditions to maintain the well-being of the long-eared animals and their litter, avoiding. As much as possible, the reproduction of rabbits takes place in an irresponsible or harmful way for the animals.

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