Find out how to take your dog on the plane

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Find out how to take your dog on the plane

Some people prefer to take their animals on trips instead of leaving them in pet hotels or with someone they trust. When moving to another city or country, it is also necessary to transport your furry friend. Are you going to travel and don’t know how to take a dog on the plane? This text is for you!

Currently, the rules for traveling with a dog on a plane are more flexible and offer more safety and comfort for the pet. You can take it in the cabin, with the tutor, or with your checked luggage.

Even though everything is easier, planning this trip is essential to avoid being caught by surprise and preventing your dog from boarding. If it is an international trip, then a series of rules and requirements are imposed by the destination companies and countries.

What to consider when taking your dog on the plane?

Before knowing how to take your dog on the plane, you need to assess its health and temperament. Therefore, before purchasing a ticket, take your furry friend for a consultation with a veterinarian to assess his health and condition to face a flight, no matter the distance.

Another issue is in relation to the stress that the pet will go through, especially if it is transported with luggage. The dog may be scared, and hot, and will also need to face the noise of the plane’s turbines, which will not be pleasant.

Plane ticket for the dog

Airfare for dogs consists of a fee charged by companies. The price varies depending on the company and whether the pet will be taken in the cabin or in the luggage compartment. The price also changes according to the animal’s weight — the larger the pet, the more expensive the fee.

To transport a dog on the plane. The owner must make a reservation in advance with the company, which is subject to confirmation, as there is a limit on the number of animals that can be taken on the same flight.

Rules for transporting dogs

As we said, the rules for transporting animals on planes may vary depending on the company. But a general rule is that furry animals are accommodated in transport boxes, also known as kennels. These items are purchased at pet stores.

Each airline establishes specific measurements for the transport box. Before purchasing one, check the measurements allowed by your company. If the box is larger, boarding will not be permitted. Also choose a sturdy, well-ventilated box that allows the pet to walk around your body.

The way to take a dog on the plane in the cabin is to keep the furry one inside the transport box throughout the flight and below the seat. If it is through the luggage compartment, both the box and the pet need to be identified.

Documents for dog travel

The main documents for your pet’s travel are the vaccination card and certificate from the veterinarian. Pay attention to the deadlines established by the company or the specific country you are traveling to. The rabies vaccine is the most required.

Generally, vaccines must be administered within 30 days before the flight, and a medical certificate within 10 days. However, as this period varies greatly, it needs to be checked in accordance with the airline’s regulations.

For international flights. It may be necessary to issue a passport for the transit of dogs and cats, in addition to identification by microchip or international Zoosanitary Certificate (CVI). Issued by the International Agricultural Surveillance.

How to make travel more pleasant for your pet

Transporting a dog on a plane can be less stressful if we take some care of its comfort. For pets that are not used to the transport box. Start the adaptation at least 15 days before the flight. Leaving the box open for the pet to come and go as they please.

Play and offer snacks inside the carrier so that he becomes familiar with it without associating the place with something bad. The day before your trip, bathe and dry your furry friend well and cut their nails to avoid accidents.

On the day of travel, line the transport box with a hygienic mat. This prevents it from getting wet with urine. Also, leave a piece of clothing belonging to the person your furry friend is most emotionally attached to so they can always smell it and feel safer.

Offer light food, with the last meal being eaten no later than two hours before the flight. Give water at home and at the airport to keep your furry friend hydrated, and don’t board too soon. Spend as much time as possible distracting your friend.

Can all dogs go in the cabin?

Unfortunately not! The best way to take a dog on the plane would be with its owner, to reduce stress. However, only small dogs, generally up to 10 kg, are allowed, with the exception of guide dogs. There are companies that do not accept certain breeds, so check everything before purchasing tickets.

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