How many teeth does a rabbit have: know the exact number

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How many teeth does a rabbit have know the exact number

How many teeth does a rabbit In children’s drawings, bunnies are always remembered as rodents with very large teeth. However, not everyone knows how many teeth a rabbit has and its oral characteristics.

To understand more about the rabbit tooth, the Petz blog prepared more content about the rodent. Take advantage and ask all your questions about the subject!

Rabbit teeth

First of all, know that rabbits’ teeth grow a lot. In fact, they never stop growing. This is a common characteristic of rodents, which is why they need to be worn down throughout their lives to avoid disturbing the pet. They can grow up to 1 centimeter per month.

Another interesting thing about the pet’s dental arch is that the rabbit’s tooth is not as big as in the drawings. This is a myth that surrounds the lives of these animals, but in fact, it is even difficult to see their teeth, even though they are considerable in size.

How many teeth do they have?

Now, you will know how many teeth the rabbit has: between 26 and 28 formed and permanent teeth. If these are the “permanent” ones, it means that these rodents also have baby teeth. Yes, and this will be the next topic for you to learn more about the bunny’s dental arch.

baby teeth

Just like us humans, rabbits also have baby teeth that need to fall out for permanent ones to come in. However, there is a significant difference in the change of their teeth. It can happen even before birth.

In other words, the changing of rodent teeth begins in the womb of their mothers. That’s why you can see how many teeth a rabbit already has and will keep for life (and always growing).

By now, you already know how many teeth they have and whether rabbits with big teeth are true or false. How about getting to know the types of teeth that these cute little animals have in their mouths? Let’s go!

Name of rabbit teeth

The names of bunny teeth are similar in most rodents. We have separated each of them so you know their characteristics. Check out!


These are, without a doubt, the famous rabbit teeth that are represented as much larger than reality. They are right in front of the dental arch, with two at the top and two at the bottom. These little teeth are responsible for cutting and holding food.


As the name suggests, premolars precede the molars that you will learn about below. These teeth help chew food and are positioned in trios on each side of the mouth, at the bottom and top.


Molars are the teeth that are located in the inner region of the mouth. There are two on each side, to also help with the perfect chewing of food. It is their responsibility to grind very well, along with their premolar antecedents.

A curious fact after knowing how many teeth a rabbit has is that it does not have canine teeth, like most animals (and even humans). This makes it even more special, with a completely different dental formation than the vast majority.

The main problem with rabbit teething

As we said, rabbits ‘ teeth don’t stop growing throughout their lives. Furthermore, if they do not receive the correct care, they can cause problems for the pet’s general health.

It’s quite simple: you need to offer your rabbit food and toys that help wear down its teeth. In other words, the correct diet is completely important in his life, because, in addition to nourishing him, it maintains good oral health.

He can wear his teeth alone too, however, this task leaves him completely stressed. And you don’t want to have an angry rabbit at home, right? Therefore, the best solution is to help you with simple everyday things.

Toys that help with teeth care

There are many toys that help with this function, so, in addition to playing, he is being well taken care of. It’s a way to learn how to care for a rabbit by playing with it. Want something cooler than having fun and still taking care of your oral health? He won’t even feel it!

It is very important to take care of the maintenance of your rabbit’s teeth, as poor dental occlusion can cause serious problems. As there are no dental braces for rodents, if their teeth come in crooked or grow too much, they can cause wounds, depress them with pain, and prevent them from eating.

Always talk to your veterinarian to find out all the rabbit care tips, especially regarding oral health. The professional will be able to guide all owners so that they are aware and learn everything to keep the pet comfortable and well-being.

If you notice any change in its teeth, notice how many teeth a rabbit has, and see that it is missing some teeth, go to the vet. Keeping teeth in good condition has benefits for several areas of your furry friend’s life. You want him to always be well, don’t you?

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