How to care for a baby rabbit: find out everything about big ears

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How to care for a baby rabbit find out everything about big ears

Often, those who live in smaller houses or apartments are in doubt about which pet is ideal for them. A good option for cases like this is choosing a bunny. Find out more about how to care for a baby rabbit before welcoming a toothy one as the newest member of the family.

Because they are small animals, in addition to being super cute, rabbits also need a lot of care. Below, you can find a lot of important information about the characteristics of the species and essential tips for your future pet to have a healthy and happy life!

How to welcome a baby rabbit into your home?

Before welcoming the puppy into your home, pay attention to behavioral details and rabbit things, such as accessories and cages, so you are prepared and ensure a responsible adoption with no chance of regret.

Male or female: which one to choose?

There is not much to worry about if you are thinking about having just one bunny, after all, there are few differences in behavior between males and females.

However, if you opt for a pair, select two females. It is important that there is enough comfortable space for both so that there are no disputes over territory.

It is very important to keep in mind that unneutered males will not do well. Pairs of males and females without castration result in constant pregnancy and, consequently, dozens of puppies.

How bunny hygiene works

Many people are unsure whether the rabbit takes a bath, however, baths are dangerous for the animal’s health. Fortunately, our little friends are quite independent in this regard.

On the other hand, the rabbit cage must always be sanitized. Try to keep the space where your furry friend lives very clean and airy.

Avoid the accumulation of dirt to prevent the proliferation of bacteria that can cause illness.

Shedding is seasonal and shouldn’t be a cause for concern, but it’s also important to know how to care for your rabbit’s fur.

Pay attention to possible hair loss for no apparent reason, decreased shine, and itching in certain parts of the body.

How long does a rabbit live?

The pet’s life expectancy can vary greatly, but the average time is between six and eight years.

It is important to highlight that genetic issues, habitat characteristics, and quality of life are determining factors for the animal’s lifespan.

Inadequate treatment, such as poor nutrition and lack of hygiene can reduce the life expectancy of bunnies.

On the other hand, if your pet maintains a healthy and happy routine, this time can be extended to more than 10 years.

As in the case of the big-eared man named George, the oldest in the world registered by the Guinness Book. The animal lived in the United States and lived to be 14 years old.

Proper food for rabbits

Rabbits are herbivores and need a very diverse diet. Proper food is very important to keep your pet healthy.

Make sure you select the brand with the ideal quality for your pet’s needs.

Alternative food options, such as those aimed at animals raised on farms, are not recommended for domestic rabbits.

Just like using dog and cat food, choose a product that provides the greatest amount of nutrients for your pet.

As it is a small animal that needs fiber, hay is essential for the digestive health of rabbits, it prevents obesity, diarrhea problems, and dental diseases.

Fruits and vegetables are also food for rabbits, but they should be offered as complementary snacks in the diet.

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