How to get water out of a dog’s ear?

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No matter how careful we are, it is important to know how to get water out of a dog’s ears. This is because, even when we use cotton when bathing, if the animal shakes its head, it can move out of place and water can enter the ear.

In other cases, some dogs love water and play when we use the hose or jump without thinking when we have a pool at home. Not to mention that there are dogs that love taking a shower in the rain, right?

Regardless of the situation, today, we will teach you how to safely remove water from a dog’s ear so that it does not suffer from discomfort or other complications. Check it out below!

How do you know if something bothers your dog’s ears?

If your dog starts banging his head from side to side after a bath or one of the situations mentioned above, something is bothering him. In this case, there is probably water in the dog’s ear.

Some dogs get so upset that they start rubbing their ears against the wall to get rid of the problem. Others beat their ears so much that they can even bleed. Therefore, taking care of your furry friend’s ears is important for him.

Before the step-by-step guide on how to get water out of a dog’s ear, it is essential to know how to avoid this accumulation of liquid after bathing and in other situations. To do this, check out some important tips below.

How to prevent water from entering dogs’ ears?

Do you know the saying “prevention is better than cure”? This is a case like that, after all, it is very bad to see the suffering of dogs after water gets into their ears.

Therefore, when bathing your pet, simply wrap a cotton ball according to the size of his ear canal and then place it before bathing. If possible, use waterproof cotton, as the action is much better.

Before washing your dog’s head and ears, check that the cotton is in place, as these animals love to shake themselves during the bath and it can move.

If this happens, the risk of water getting into your dog’s ear is great. There are also some types of specific protectors for bathing dogs. You can look for them in the main pet stores.

Step by step on how to get water out of a dog’s ear

Now that you know how to prevent it, should an incident happen and water get into your furry friend’s ear, understand how to clean its ears safely. Firstly, for your dog to stop suffering from the discomfort of water in his ear, carry out the following procedure:

  • take cotton wool or a thin, soft, dry towel;
  • roll a small piece around your fingers;
  • very carefully, place your finger with the towel or cotton gently in the dog’s ear canal;
  • make light movements to dry the area;
  • repeat the procedure until you notice that the cotton came out dry;
  • If your dog is uncomfortable with the procedure, ask someone to help, so as not to hurt him;
  • If your dog cries during the procedure, it could be a sign of pain. In this case, seek immediate help from a veterinarian.

It is worth mentioning that dogs’ ears are very sensitive and, if the water is not removed, the animal may suffer from other problems, such as dog otitis.

If wax comes out of your dog’s ears, what should you do?

When removing excess water from the dog’s ear, if you notice dark wax coming out, this could indicate otitis. In this case, there are specific products for this type of cleaning.

However, as we have already mentioned, dogs’ ears are very sensitive and the veterinarian must evaluate the case. This way, it can indicate the best treatment, as medication is often necessary.

What not to do when you realize that water has entered your dog’s ear?

The inconvenience of having water in the ear for dogs is very great, so it is necessary to take action to improve your pet’s health. Here’s how not to harm the situation even further:

  • never use tweezers, cotton swabs, or other sharp material to remove water from the dog’s ear, as this may injure it;
  • Don’t let the situation get worse. If you notice that, following the procedures we have indicated, the dog continues to be uncomfortable, take him to the vet;
  • Hair from inside some dogs’ ears can only be removed if the veterinarian recommends this as part of the treatment. Furthermore, they protect the pet’s ears;
  • only use specific bath shampoos for dogs, as, in addition to water, the product can get into their ears and, depending on the composition, cause allergies.

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