How to offer food to rabbits? Discover 30 permitted foods!

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How to offer food to rabbits Discover 30 permitted foods!

When we think about food for rabbits, we often imagine vegetables and lots of carrots, right? But is this the best way to feed rabbits? Experts indicate that, in fact, the nutrition of these cute pets is more delicate than one might imagine.

So, know that long-eared friends are very greedy and don’t deny a mouthful, but not everything is good for their diet! However, to resolve this issue once and for all, we have put together a list of 30 foods that are used as rabbit food.

What is allowed to feed rabbits?

So, now we know that you need to pay attention to food for rabbits. But are carrots and vegetables prohibited? After all, what can rabbits eat? According to exotic pet veterinarians, rabbits can indeed eat vegetables.

But that’s not the basis of your diet. According to experts, rabbit food can be very varied. Check out the options that can be offered to your furry friend:


Kibble should make up the majority of their diet. Also known as extruded food, this product is made especially for those with big ears. Offer daily, at least 3 times a day.


It is essential to take care of your pet’s diet as it helps the rabbit’s digestive system. It must also be offered daily. As it has little nutritional value, there’s no need to worry about portions: let your little ear eat freely!


Vegetables also serve as rabbit food. For adult animals, the ideal is to eat vegetables every day. But be careful: not all vegetables are beneficial for your furry friend’s health. Some contain substances that can be laxatives. The idea is to look for vegetables with dark leaves, which tend to be safer.


Rabbits love vegetables, but they are not part of their everyday diet. As raw vegetables have a more complex digestion, intake should occur once every two days.


They are also sensitive for our little friends, as they contain sugar and carbohydrates. They should be offered as snacks once or twice a week.

By following the recommendations above, you will ensure great nutrition for your furry friend, as well as take great care of him! And remember: before serving any food to your pet, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the food to avoid contamination.

30 allowed foods for rabbits:

Vegetables are available for the whole day!

  1. Arugula: big ears love the bitter and spicy flavor of arugula.
  2. Almeirão: another vegetable with a strong flavor that rabbits love and which is free!
  3. Cabbage: only offer it raw and without seasoning.
  4. Chard: it should also be served raw, without any seasoning.
  5. Escarole: dark leaf is loved by rabbits, it is also good for your health.
  6. Chicory: another leaf with a strong flavor that ears love!
  7. Carrot stalks and leaves: Carrots may not be that good, but their stalks and leaves are excellent for rabbits!
  8. Radish stalks and leaves: the big ears love it and it’s free!
  9. Cauliflower leaves: besides being good for rabbits, this is a part that usually goes in the trash. Good chance to take advantage!
  10. Basil: who doesn’t love this delicious seasoning? Basil is also approved for rabbits.

Vegetables and other vegetables for rabbits

  1. Broccoli leaves: avoid giving the stems, as they can cause gas in your pet.
  2. Carrots: occasionally, rabbits can eat carrots!
  3. Beetroot: should be offered raw and always without seasoning. Leave the leaves out of the diet, as some substances can cause intestinal discomfort.
  4. Peppers: all colors are open to rabbits, but avoid offering seeds. Don’t forget to wash the peppers well, including the inside of the vegetable.
  5. Celery: also known as celery, it is a vegetable much appreciated by those with ears!
  6. Coriander: This somewhat controversial spice is one of the rabbits’ favorites.
  7. Spinach: everyone knows the benefits of spinach, right? Lucky for the rabbits, they can also eat this delicious treat!
  8. Zucchini: OK if offered in moderation. If you prefer, just give the peel, well-sanitized.
  9. Cabbage: Rabbits love it, but it can cause gas. Therefore, offer in moderation.
  10. Eggplant: if offered in moderation, eggplant is also safe for rabbits!

Another great food option is fruit.

  1. Apple: offer small pieces and don’t forget to remove the seeds.
  2. Peach: those with big ears love it. Offer without the shell and be careful with the seeds.
  3. Melon: It is rich in water and can affect the digestive system, but, in moderation, your little ear may appreciate some melon!
  4. Strawberry: in addition to rabbits loving it, it is a small fruit, which makes it easier to eat.
  5. Mango: another fruit that is popular among those with big teeth. Peel and take care of the core.
  6. Kiwi: rabbits like this sour fruit. Don’t forget to peel.
  7. Watermelon: another fruit rich in water that, when offered in moderation, is beneficial for rabbits.

28: Papaya: a delicate fruit, as it can loosen the intestines. Offer without skin or seeds and in moderation.

  1. Pineapple: it is a very acidic fruit, so only offer it occasionally.
  2. Pear: like the apple, offer it in small pieces without seeds.

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