How to take care of your dog’s skin in winter

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How to take care of your dog’s skin in winter

How to take care of your dog’s skin in winter

Although due to their vitality, dogs can seem to be all-terrain animals that can withstand any weather phenomenon; the reality is that our best friends also require certain care depending on the season.

A good diet and proper hygiene are indeed essential for them to have the energy and defenses necessary to withstand the winter, but we must also bear in mind that our pets’ skin and fur are their main weapons to fight cold and bad weather. We can indeed keep them warm, but in the end, the skin remains its natural protector against external agents.

In addition, you should be aware that heating, humidity, and incorrect brushing can cause problems such as stains, dermatitis, or excessive hair loss during molting. Without healthy skin, there is no healthy coat. That’s why it’s important to protect your dog’s fur from the cold, rain, and cold temperatures when winter comes around. In this regard, we are certain that you will find the following tips very useful.

In Winter Warm Up Our dogs

It is advisable to warm up our dogs in winter when we go outside, especially if they are small and short-haired dogs. Sweaters and raincoats will prevent the cold and dampness from penetrating their bodies. But it is also advisable to do it for older or sick dogs since their immune system is weaker.

Apply Vaseline to the muzzle and pads

You may have never heard of it, but natural Vaseline is a very effective substance to protect your dog’s skin from humidity and cold. Apply it to the nose, across the muzzle, and paws to prevent dryness and chapping.

Protect your dog’s skin with a haircut

It is not advisable to cut your dog’s hair in winter, as it will lose its natural protection. It is only advisable to cut the ends and shape the hairstyle so that it is not too short, trimming it well around the legs, belly, and pads to prevent it from getting too wet. Ask the best experts in animal care for advice.

Use proper bath products Your Dogs

Ideally, when bathing your dog, you should use a shampoo specifically for its hair type and an intensive nourishing mask to moisturize certain areas, such as the paws, legs, and beard, which suffer more in winter. It is also recommended that you bathe your dog at least once a month. You can do this at home or a dog grooming salon. The latter is the best option for very large dogs or dogs with a lot of furs, as they have better facilities for this, especially if you’re pet has any special needs related to its fur or skin.

Protect your dog coat with a good brushing

Both after a bath and when you return with wet fur from the street because it has been in the rain, it is essential to dry it well to remove excess moisture, as this could cause a problem of dermatitis. It is better to use a towel first and then a hair dryer, always at a medium distance and temperature to avoid burns.

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