How to train a dog?

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How to train a dog? Roznama Pakistan Pets

How to train a dog?

How to train a dog. Before training a dog, we must know the difference between education and training. To educate a dog is to teach it to behave correctly throughout its life; generally corresponds to the puppy stage, when it learns the norms of coexistence. Dog training is more specific to learning certain commands or exercises.

Ideally, both complement each other, but above all, they need to have a standard method: positive teaching.

How to train a dog in a positive?

As we commented, training refers to the teaching of concrete orders that are usually accompanied by a word or a gesture. These can be: “sit”, “lie down”, “quiet”, or “little paw”; but you can also teach more complex exercises like walking next to you in the street, or even bringing things!

Positive training is the best way to teach your dog these exercises while strengthening the bond between you. In this way, you will turn the training sessions into a fun exercise for your dog. This method is based on motivation, reward, and fun. Traditional training is based on negative reinforcement; the dog learns based on punishment and obeys orders out of fear. You should NEVER scold, yell or hit your dog. This type of training is not beneficial for either of them, quite the contrary. Neither should you use choking or electric collars or punish him when he does not obey an order.

Dog training with positive reinforcement

If you want to know how to train your dog, you should know that patience and constancy are key. Any training must be carried out steadily and with amiable treatment.

Some tips for good training are:

  • Choose a quiet place with no distractions.
  • Training at least 3-4 days a week.
  • Short 10-minute session.
  • Tranquility, affection, and patience.
  • Choose short, clear, and concise words for orders.
  • Don’t stop practicing the exercises you’ve already learned.
  • Congratulate with enthusiasm and caresses.
  • Reward with treats.
  • No yelling, corrections, or punishments

If your dog makes a mistake during training, just say “no” in a firm voice and don’t reward him. Always perform the same exercise in each session until he learns and not several at once. Once learned, you can start with the new one and add, as a revision, the previous one.

And now, let’s talk about how to teach your dog the most basic commands

How to train a dog to come when you call him?

This command is the most important and all dogs should learn it well. It’s the first thing you should teach your puppy when he arrives at your house. Remember not to confuse the command, “walk” with his name.

With that command, you can call him whenever you want him to come and it is essential to be able to release him on the street. A clicker or a whistle can be of great help to capture their attention more quickly and, why not, a delicious treat.

Before starting to call from afar, the dog must associate the sound with the treat. To do this, simply make the noise and give the treat; once he learns that that sound means a treat, it will be much easier for him to respond to your call. You can also do it directly with the expression.

Move away a little and repeat the order for him to approach to receive his prize. You must move further and further away to increase the difficulty. Then, repeat the exercise from another place in the house, preferably one where he doesn’t see you. Once you’ve mastered this, you can start testing in the park.

How to train a dog to sit?

Let him smell the treat and, with it kept in your hand, place your closed fist over his head on the side of the muzzle, in such a way that the dog looks up. Most dogs naturally rest their tail on the ground. When that happens you must say the word “sit” and give your prize. If it doesn’t sit on its own, you can help by putting light pressure on its tail with your hand so that it bends its hind legs.

How to train a dog to lie down?

When your dog has learned to sit down, you can move on to the following command: “lie down”. This is one of the easiest ones. You must make him sit down, as he already knows, and instead of giving him his treat, direct your hand forward on the floor to encourage him to lie down. When he is lying down, you must give the order to link him with that movement and deliver his prize. If it doesn’t do it alone, you can slide its front legs forward.

How to train a dog to give a paw?

This order isn’t really necessary, as it’s not useful in your day-to-day life, but it’s a classic.

First, you must indicate where he is sitting so that he is more comfortable and it is easier for him to give his paw. What’s more, you’ll also be more focused after that first order.

It stands in front of you, shows your prize, and lets you sniff it with a closed fist. The normal thing is that he tries to open his hand with his paw to try to get it; when he does that, say “paw” or whatever word you have chosen and open your hand for him to catch. If he doesn’t hit your hand, you can touch his paw or pick him up so he understands what you want.

How to train a dog to stand still?

First, we must start close and progressively move further away. He calls out his name followed by a “stay” or “stop” accompanied by an open hand. Move a little further away and repeat the command. You can try saying sit down first (once you know this command well) and then slowly moving away to teach this new command. This exercise is very practical on the street.

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