Is a rabbit a rodent? We answer this question

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Is a rabbit a rodent We answer this question

Nature sometimes comes up with some tricks. For example: who would have thought that an animal with a beak that lays eggs, like the platypus, is actually a mammal? This confusion happens with other animals. After all, is a rabbit a rodent?

Discover this and other interesting facts about these cute little ears!

Lagomorpha: the true order of rabbits

The kingdom is Animalia, the phylum is chordates, and the class is mammals. But, when it comes to scientific classification, the similarities between rodents and rabbits end there. This is because, while rats, chinchillas, and other toothy animals belong to the order Rodentia, hares and rabbits are lagomorphs.

Among the main characteristics of these pets are, without a doubt, their long and friendly ears. But, for science, what most differentiates rabbits from rodents is their teeth: they have four incisor teeth (two upper and two lower), whereas rodents have only two. In both cases, however, the teeth grow non-stop, and must always be worn down to ensure the animal’s well-being.

Similarities between rabbits and rodents

It’s not just because of their teeth that rabbits are often called rodents. In fact, animals from these two orders have several behaviors in common. For this reason, care for them also tends to be similar. See some similarities:

Rabbits have nocturnal habits

Just like hamsters and chinchillas, for example, bunnies also spend most of the day sleeping, becoming more active at dusk.

They are quite fertile

If you don’t want to see a house full of toothy dogs, keep the male and female separate. Otherwise, rabbit reproduction results in an impressive 3 to 6 litters per year, each with between 4 and 12 puppies!

Big ears love hay

Like some domestic rodents, rabbits also love using hay to build nests. Furthermore, grass hay is essential for wearing teeth and regulating their intestinal transit.

Rabbits don’t need to bathe

They take care of cleaning themselves by licking the body. But pay attention! It is recommended to brush them at least once a week to remove dust and dead hair. For this, there are kits with brushes and scrapers developed with the needs of these pets in mind.

Living with dogs and cats can be stressful for them.

Yes, there are cases where they become great friends with cats or dogs, but they are the exception, not the rule!

Remember that in the rabbit’s habitat, it is prey while cats and dogs are its predators. Therefore, the pet tends to become skittish and stressed in the presence of these pets, which, in turn, harms its health.

Important care for bunnies

Rabbits and rodents are playful, cuddly, easy to care for, and great pets for those who live in an apartment or spend most of the day outside. However, it is always good to be prepared to know the basic needs of these little animals.

For both rodents and rabbits, the ideal is for the basis of the diet to be made with food, as only this guarantees balanced nutrition. But, to do this, you need to choose a specific feed for each species. Stay tuned and talk to a veterinarian specializing in wild animals for more guidance on frequency and quantity.

Did you enjoy learning interesting facts about the rabbit? Really, the world of these carrot-loving animals is super cool!

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