Pet rabbit: 6 reasons to have one at home

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Pet rabbit 6 reasons to have one at home

Have you ever thought about having a pet rabbit? Charismatic and cute, the long-eared dog can be an everyday companion, just like dogs, kittens, and birds, among other pets. Pet rabbit: 6 reasons to have one at home

Ideal for those looking for a companion from the animal kingdom that doesn’t take up much space and doesn’t need much to have a quality life, the long-eared dog will bring a lot of joy to your life. Even though having a rabbit at home is not as common as kitties or doggos, it is a good option!

So, if you want to understand everything about rabbits before deciding whether it’s a good option to have a long-eared one at home, be sure to read the content below! Below, we have separated some reasons why you should have a bunny of your own at home.

6 advantages of having a pet rabbit

Learning how to care for a rabbit is not an easy task, but it happens to every pet! So don’t be discouraged. The benefits of having it are greater than living without this company.

However, if you are in doubt whether having a pet rabbit is a good idea, we have brought you a list of six advantages of having this big ear. Read to make a decision.

1. It can be found in different breeds

Just like with dogs and cats, there is no single breed of pet rabbit. In fact, more than 45 breeds are currently recognized, including small, medium, and large.

This means that, when it comes to taking a big ear home, there will be no shortage of options for you to choose from. You can choose from a small one, like the Mini Hotot, to a larger one, like the European Rabbit. Not to mention that there are rabbits with short and long hair, with ears up, down, and much more!

Of course, the connection between you and your rabbit counts for a lot. Therefore, appearances are not always taken into consideration when taking your dog home.

2. It is generally quiet

One of the concerns of those who live in an apartment is whether or not their pet can disturb the neighbors with noise. In the case of rabbit farming, their habits tend to be very silent, even when they are left alone. In other words, good news for those who spend most of the day outside the house!

3. Takes up little space

While dogs and cats usually roam around the house, rabbits can live very well in a pen or cage, especially in cases where they spend a lot of time unsupervised or share the house with other pets.

However, it is worth mentioning that the cage must have enough space for him to play and move around. Furthermore, it is important to release it daily whenever you are at home, preferably for long periods.

4. No vaccination required

Although they are essential, annual vaccines tend to weigh heavily on the budget of those who choose to have a dog or cat. Rabbits do not yet have approved vaccines in Brazil, which contributes to lower costs. However, this does not mean that you can neglect your pet’s health!

It is recommended to take him to the vet every six months for a check-up. It is also necessary to pay attention to deworming and castration, which help prevent diseases ranging from tumors to psychological pregnancy in females.

After all, this little big ear is known for large pregnancies, right? No one wants to take care of several puppies at the end of the day at a moment’s notice. Therefore, all attention must be doubled.

5. Is independent

It’s not that he doesn’t need or miss your company — far from it! The truth is that rabbits can spend long periods of the day on their own. This, of course, as long as you have the right conditions to do so, with accessories for your pet rabbit, such as a cage equipped with:

  • drinking fountain;
  • feeder;
  • hay;
  • toys;
  • bathroom.

After all, he can learn to do his business in one place. In addition, the rabbit takes care of its own bathing, although it is recommended to brush it frequently to remove the remains of feces, dust, and even knots.

6. He’s very affectionate!

Is the possibility of interacting reciprocally with your pet something important to you? So, know that the rabbit is very affectionate and easily attaches to its owner, responding to calls and being able to spend a lot of time on your lap, being cuddled or even taking a nap.

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