Rabbit Day: learn more about this incredible animal

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Rabbit Day learn more about this incredible animal

Did you know that on September 30th, Rabbit Day is celebrated? Petz has prepared a special article, with everything you need to know about this incredible animal. Rabbit Day: learn more about this incredible animal Keep following and check it out!

How did Rabbit Day come about?

Rabbit Day was created by the organization Rabbit Charity, as an initiative to prevent animal abuse and predatory hunting. The celebration takes place every last Saturday in September, through awareness actions about the importance of caring for wild and domestic animals.

The creation of an international commemorative date in honor of the species was motivated by the risk of extinction. According to data from Forbes, in the last 10 years, a 70% drop in the population of wild rabbits has been recorded, caused by agricultural expansion and climate change.

Rabbit characteristics

The rabbit is a species of mammal that belongs to the Leporidae family. The quadrupedal animal has a rounded body covered in hair, with long ears and a large head.

It can weigh up to 8 kg and can run nimbly, especially when attacked by predators. This fluffy furry is also known for its reproductive characteristics, as it can give birth to up to 12 puppies in a single litter.

If you are interested in knowing what rabbits eat, know that they are herbivores, feeding on fruits, roots, seeds, and tree bark. In the case of pets, in addition to fruits and vegetables, it is possible to offer food, which must be prescribed by the veterinarian.

Types of Rabbits

For those who want to adopt the animal as a pet, it may be interesting to know that there are several types of rabbits. It is possible to find 8 genders and more than 45 breeds, which differ mainly by color and size.

Some best-known breeds are Angora (famous white rabbit ), Hotot, Lion, Dutch, and Loop. In addition to appearance, they can differ by personality, as some can be more agitated, while others can be calm.

A breed that deserves to be highlighted is the Flanders Giant, known as the giant rabbit. Originally from Belgium, it received its name due to its weight, which can reach 23 kg, measuring around 18 cm in length.

Rabbit as a pet

Now that you know about the existence of Rabbit Day and understand the importance of care, have you ever thought about having this animal as a mascot? He is docile and great company.

The domestic rabbit is independent and silent. Just like the cat, it is responsible for its own hygiene. He loves to be free, but can also live in cages. The idea is to ask for professional guidance to decide what is the best way to care for the animal.

As for temperament, the rabbit is affectionate and likes to be held in your lap. You can spend a lot of time in the company of your pet, including with children around. Just remember to keep it away from wires and electrical appliances, due to its habit of chewing on objects.

Rabbit care

If you have decided to have a pet rabbit, some tips can help when taking care of your new friend. Vaccinations and nutrition should always be confirmed with the veterinarian, who can prescribe a specific treatment for the pet.


Just like cats and dogs, rabbits can be vaccinated. The action helps prevent diseases such as myxomatosis, pasteurellosis, and DHV (viral hemorrhagic disease). Doses can be administered from the pet’s 8th week of life and must be repeated annually.


The rabbit’s diet is based on fiber. Therefore, you can feed it with vegetables, greens, and fruits. However, the menu may also include hay and specific feed for rodents. The pet can eat carrots, which also serve to wear down the teeth, which continue to grow throughout the rabbit’s life.

Physical activity

One of the reasons why Rabbit Day exists is to preserve the animal’s well-being. To achieve this, it is important to invest in actions that guarantee the pet’s health. Rabbits tend to run and move a lot in nature. Therefore, it is recommended that he can move around home.

Even when raised in cages, he needs to be free and do physical activities for part of the day. One tip is to add toys to your pet’s routine so that it can exercise.

Finally, it is worth remembering that rabbits require different care than other pets, such as dogs and cats. Therefore, it is best to seek guidance from a veterinarian specializing in exotic animals.

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