What are the colors of stray dogs?

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What are the colors of stray dogs?

the colors of stray dogs. Anyone looking for an inseparable companion doesn’t need to try too hard! Just look around and you will certainly find a puppy on the street ready to become your best friend. Of the most different types, the coats and colors of mongrel dogs are quite varied.

Mutts can also be called SRD (non-breed). Actually, that is the correct term. The name “mutt” ended up becoming popular, as most SRD dogs unfortunately live on the streets and look for food in garbage cans or depend on the community and volunteers to eat.

How did the mongrel appear?

It is not well known when the stray dog ​​appeared, but it was certainly thousands of years ago. It happened when two dogs of different breeds crossed and produced a mixed breed puppy, that is, one that is no longer a pure breed.

Due to the different crossings between the different breeds over so long, for some dogs, it is not even possible to know their origin and what the breed of their ancestors would be. Others remind us of some pure breeds and perhaps carry some characteristics in their DNA.

Due to so many crosses, the colors of mongrel dogs are the most diverse, and when it comes to genetics, everything can be a surprise. It is common for a female dog to give birth to puppies with colors, hair sizes, and textures that are completely different from those of the mother and father (if they are known).

What are the color types of mutts?

The color variations of mongrel dogs are all possible, as they do not have any defined pattern. They can be a single color, like the most famous of all: the caramel mutt. He has yellowish fur and, even so, may have some spots of another color.

Just like purebred animals, the colors of mongrel dogs can change over time. A furry dog ​​can be born with a grayish color, then darken and, in old age, turn white. In others, spots of a different color appear.

In general, we can find black, yellow, gold, white, chocolate, gray, caramel, cream, red, and brown mongrel dogs. When there is more than one color present, they are also classified into:

bicolor: two colors;

tricolor: three colors;

fawn: different shades of beige;

merle: spots on a solid color;

harlequin: dark spot on white fur;

spotted: black spot on white;

wolf: dark hair tips, but light base;

brindle: striped pattern.

This classification is used to consider the standard of pure breeds, which must have their specific color. In the case of mongrel dog colors, and can be present in surprising variations.

Types of mutts

Even though stray dogs do not participate in breed standard competitions or have determining colors and characteristics, it is possible to divide them into some categories. These categories are more of a curiosity level, as once there is a cross between two different breeds, the puppies will no longer be pure.

Crossbreed dogs are those that have similarities between two different breeds. A brown mutt may resemble a Labrador but may have a furry tail, like a German Shepherd.

Hybrid animals are those whose origin is known as the crossing between two pure breeds, for example, Cocker puppies with Poodles, the Cockapoo. Even if you know that these furry dogs are descendants of this breed, there is no way to predict what characteristics the puppies will be born with, which is why they are considered SRD.

Stray dogs are unique, and most do not have any similar characteristics to each other or to other pure breeds. Because they are completely mixed animals, often from crosses between SRDs themselves, the size, weight, and colors of mongrel dogs are not predictable.

How to take care of your mutt’s hair?

There are different types of dog coats, and when it comes to mutts, all are possible. They can be straight, wavy, curly, short, long, hard, and even double-haired.

Care for the hair of a furry mutt will depend on the type of fur it has. In general, all dogs should be brushed to remove dead hair, but for long-haired dogs, it is even more important to prevent mats from forming.

Baths should be done with soaps or shampoos suitable for dogs and in accordance with the veterinarian’s recommendation. Some products are more specific, depending on the shade of the fur. White mongrel dogs can use a product for white hair and thus prevent their coat from turning yellow.

How does health reflect on fur color?

The colors of mongrel dogs may be more dull, with dull and brittle hair in situations of worms or other diseases. If you notice any of these changes in your furry friend, seek help from your veterinarian.

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