What colors are trending in summer 2023?

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What colors are trending in summer 2023

What colors are trending in summer 2023?

The fashion world’s bet for the next season, which starts on December 21st at 6:48 pm, is intense and vibrant colors. Yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, and green appear in strong tones as trending in summer 2023. Neon also remains on the rise during the hottest period of the year.

The Fashion Color Report, a study carried out by the Pantone Color Institute based on the collections presented by fashion designers, highlighted the colors that appeared as trending in Summer 2023 fashion weeks in New York and London. The predominance is of warm and very strong tones, matching the heat and outdoor life, after a period of isolation.

For you to train in style, check out some tips for colorful pieces for your sports wardrobe:


If you took the yellow t-shirt out of your closet to support Brazil, you were right. The color that represents energy in chromotherapy comes in full force in vibrant tones, also in sneakers and pants.


Blue, even though it is a cold color, comes for summer in a version full of energy. It is possible to find a variety of pieces with this shade that graced the catwalks at international fashion weeks. You can use blue in t-shirts, pants, and beachwear


Another color that is popular in the spring/summer collection is pink. The time when only girls wore this shade is behind us. Now men and women can liven up their training look with this color, whether in leggings, t-shirts, or short skirts.


Orange is also present in the palette of the hottest season of the year. There are great options for t-shirts, blouses, and shorts to stay fashionable during sports.


The 90s trend, represented by neon tones, is still on the rise. If you find an entire fluorescent look too flashy, you can choose to wear just one accessory, such as flip-flops and a cap. The most daring need not be afraid of making mistakes and can bet on tones in the main pieces, such as t-shirts and tank tops.

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