What vitamins do my rabbits need?

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What vitamins does my rabbits need roznama pakistan

What vitamins do my rabbits need?

Did you know that the average life expectancy of rabbits is between 5 and 8 years? So that our little friend is in the perfect physical condition and has a long and healthy life by our side, we must provide a series of specific care adapted to his needs, such as knowing which vitamins my rabbit needs.

Basic care for a rabbits

Let’s list a series of basic care that these animals need to enjoy good health and happy life.


It is essential that it has a cage or enclosure large enough to accommodate resting places, food, and water and that it can move freely. In addition, their enclosure must be properly conditioned to be a comfortable and welcoming home. It is recommended to let the animal out of the cage at least twice a day, always under supervision and in a safe place so that the animal can move freely.


One of the pillars of their diet is hay as it provides the fiber they need for proper gastrointestinal functioning. Rabbit food helps complete their diet, as well as fruits and vegetables suitable for them. (Love it!). Furthermore, providing an extra supply of calcium and vitamins is essential for your bones to remain strong and healthy.

Cleaning and tidiness

Rabbits need to have their cage in perfect condition:  clean and free of moisture. In addition, depending on the breed. They need to be brushed frequently to prevent the formation of knots in the fur and the accumulation of dead hair.

With a periodic visit to the veterinarian, you will ensure that he has the relevant vaccines, as well as his revisions up to date.

Essential vitamins for our rabbits

Offering our rabbit vitamin supplements is essential to maintain their levels properly and thus ensure good health. One of the most important vitamins that many domestic rabbits lack is vitamin D, due to their lack of sun exposure. When living in apartments, many of them have no contact with the outside world and end up with a deficit of this vitamin.

The lack of this vitamin affects your ability to absorb calcium. Correct cardiovascular function, and your immune system, which could trigger the onset of certain diseases. Add a calcium food supplement to keep your bones and teeth healthy and strong for years to come. Other fortifying and restorative supplements will be of great help to ensure good health for our little companions. Remember that if you notice any change in your rabbit’s behavior. You should go quickly to a veterinarian to make sure that your vitamin level is correct. You can also find out more about feeding rabbits in this article.

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